Monday, July 15, 2013

Profiting from Jury Service: Zimmerman Juror Inks Book Deal

Media outlets are reporting that at least one juror from the Zimmerman trial has inked a book deal.  Apparently, this juror is not so concerned about her anonymity or privacy.   As some may recall, the trial judge in this case not only sequestered the jurors but also at least for the time being preserved their anonymity. 

Some may question the need for anonymity when one of the jurors is looking to write a book about her experience.  Of course, she is not the first to try and make jury service profitable.  Other examples of jurors penning books after serving on high-profile trials can be found here and here.

The real issue with jurors becoming authors is that they might be more worried about selling their experience to others than finding the truth especially in a high profile case like this one.  This is even more of a concern with anonymous jurors who have less oversight and accountability than traditional jurors.